A Glance Back at
Art Nouveau Magazine circa 2010

In 2007 Kendrick Daye started the the slick urban art and culture publication, Art Nouveau magazine. This was the magazine's website.
Content is from the site's 2010 + archived pages providing just a glimpse of what this hip magazine offerd its readership.

"Art is everything. It's the way you dress, what music you listen to, where you live, what you eat. Your entire life is art — that's your biggest masterpiece, you know?"
Kendrick Daye 2011


We believe art is everywhere, from Basquiat’s “Profit 1” piece to Jay- Z’s “Blueprint“ album. Art Nouveau Magazine aims to highlight creators and designers on the cutting edge of new trends in art, music and fashion while maintaining a
sharp editorial style.

A quarterly print Art & Culture Magazine with a strong focus on art & design, avant-garde fashion and an eclectic mix of indie, electronic, hip-hop and pop music.

Online version of Art Nouveau Magazine. The site publishes features, profiles, interviews, reviews, blogs, reader art, event write-ups, videos and the latest news in art, fashion and popular culture daily.

Nouveau Media Group was formed in January 2009 to develop and partner quality media and marketing target-
ing the art community. NMG partners include Art Nouveau Magazine, An-Mag.com, GreatEclectic, The-Socials.com, Ben-Rocks.com, and Nouveau Music home to recording artists Corinne Stevie, Ben Carson, Jay Scott and the “Noise Porn” music compilation.



"I'm absolutely thrilled with the article on pickleball in Art Nouveau Magazine! As an avid reader and a pickleball enthusiast, I found the insights into this emerging sport both informative and engaging. The focus on the innovative design elements of pickleball bags from PickleballersHub.com particularly caught my eye. It's refreshing to see such attention to detail and design in sports equipment. This piece not only highlights the sport's growing popularity but also the creativity and style that go into the gear. Fantastic read!" Darlene Hendrikson






These days Pop isn’t such a dirty word. It’s just another way of saying “Popular.” And there’s nothing wrong with being on top. When Andy Warhol said everyone would be famous for 15 minutes, I doubt even he knew the effects the Internet would have on our popular culture. If any contemporary artist is the direct heir to Warhol’s legacy it’d be Ron English. His mastery at creating not just amazing artwork, but marketable products is a testament to an idea Picasso began and Warhol later perfected.

Also in this seasons’ Art Nouveau Magazine former Terry Richardson assistant Keicchi Nitta talks iconography, Fahamu PecouSarah Weaver and Mr. Brainwash are Neo-Pop saviors, J*DaVeY is ready for the world and eye popping fashion editorials featuring clothing by Mishka NYC, Gold Coast Trading Company, Pepper + Pistol, Stevie Boi Shades, Fresh Printz, Chilly O and more.

The Art Nouveau Summer Issue Super Pop is on sale June 1st at MagCloud.com. An accompanying art show featuring work from the issue will take place August 5th at Wm Turner Gallery. More details to emerge soon.


Editor's Note: June Wagner ran a hugely successful fundraiser supporting projects planned across a number of galleries and involving a collection of artists yet to be named. Local merchants sponsored the event and provided the incentives for the sweepstakes and raffle. The big draw was a couple of stylish North Face Jacket choices from this season's collection. North Face is a very popular brand in these parts due to their incredible reputation for quality. Both men's and women's jackets were included in the drawing and June's promotion efforts really paid off as seen by the number of tickets sold. She raised over $5,750 and at the same time created an audience for the projects. Kudos to you, June!


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John Morse Is “Flat Out” For Recent Solo Show

Tue, Jun 8 2010 | 

Atlanta based collage artist John Morse recently sent us this awesome clip from his latest installation “Flat Out” at Wm Turner Gallery. Watch this exclusive video here.

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    Greenpeace UK Contest To Re-Brand BP’s Logo

    Mon, Jun 7 2010 |
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  • The recent oil-spill in the Gulf of Mexico has everyone just about fed up.Greenpeace UKis running a Redesign BP’s Logo Contest that is asking people around the world to re-brand BP logo. Like the witty fake BPPR Twitter page, many of these results are, not surprisingly, quite clever and witty. Close to 700 entries have already been submitted, all of which can be found on their  Flickr page.

    The organization plans to use the winning logo in innovative and exciting ways as part of their international campaign against the oil company. They write, “We’re after the best ideas and concept, not necessarily the slickest logo.” Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Artist Of The Week: Cady Noland

    Mon, Jun 7 2010 | 
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  • Conceptual sculptor Cady Noland is an internationally exhibited installation artist. Her work deals with the failed promise of the American Dream and the divide between fame and anonymity among other themes and has been exhibited in the Whitney Biennial in 1991 and Documenta 9 in Kassel, Germany. Cady Noland is An-Mag.com’s Artist of the Week.

    Pop Killers: The Leaders Of The Neo-Pop Movement

    Thu, Jun 3 2010 |
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    iPhone App Gives A Tour Of The Old London

    Wed, Jun 2 2010 | 
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    Chrissie Macdonald: The Paper Queen

    Wed, Jun 2 2010 | 

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GreatEclectic: I’m Like The Sky, I’m Never Coming Down

Tue, Jun 8 2010 | 

I have so much to show you, so much to tell you. I have a lot of great events and projects planned for this Summer for the Art Nouveau brand. Make sure to save these dates and celebrate art with us!

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    Corinne Stevie: Behind The Scenes Of “Land Of The Free”

    Mon, Jun 7 2010 | 
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  • Here’s a little footage and pictures from the recent shoot for the “Land Of The Free” project. The photo’s were taken by The GreatEclectic Kendrick Daye.

    GreatEclectic: Just Like The Sky, Like The 4th Of July

    Mon, May 31 2010 | 
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    Ben-Rocks: How Soon Is Now? (Short Story)

    Thu, May 27 2010 | 
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    Corinne Stevie – A Whole New World Of Music

    Wed, May 26 2010 | 
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    True Genius Requires Insanity: Shit I’m Digging This Week

    Wed, May 26 2010 | 
  • As another day goes by, seemingly there goes another completely absurd public gaffe in the burgeoning hip hop career of Wale Folarin. This time, it’s not proclaiming that Pharrell was “crying over the phone” trying to submit last second beats for debut Attention: Deficit. It wasn’t the incessant public redressing of his haters on Twitter. Nor was it being cold, standoffish, or otherwise odd. It’s something far far far worse, and the final straw between me as a supporter of Washington, DC, and as well, of hip hop.

    After being scheduled to play at a Black Pride event as part of DC’s African-American lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered celebration weekend, the artist backed out, citing concerns over playing at an all gay event. For better or worse, Wale is DC’s international hip hop representative. Not the ultra-talented Tabi Bonney, nor the backpacker superheroes the Diamond District. Instead it’s Wale, the world’s most hypersensitive emcee. Clearly concerned after less than spectacular sales for his debut album, the artist is clearly over thinking each and every move he makes, and when you assume you are doing things correctly, you do what everyone that assumes does, as the old saying goes, “making an ass out of u and me.” Now, outside of being hated as an emcee in his hometown for “leaving the city behind,” he’s now an emo homophobe. All that being said, it might be time for Wale to leave DC behind.

    In being DC’s hip hop representative, he’s opened doors and people extending from Diamond District to Don Juan have benefited tremendously. However, in doing so, he’s now clearly developed into a moron, capable of making the most pedantic of moves into a debacle of epic proportions. DC doesn’t need Wale, but Wale needs hip hop. Therefore, it’s time for Wale to turn in his Gilbert Arenas jersey, hand over his Redskins cap, disavow ever referring to himself as “Wale Ovechkin,” and turn in his Barra Brava membership card. DC is united now, and all divisive forces are an unnecessary blemish. Wale is a good rapper with great adlibs. Maybe it’s time for him to relocate. New York. LA. Miami. Atlanta. But this one is a NIMBY case now. Not In My Back Yard. Like I said when I read of his homophobia allegations, “aw hell no, Wale’s gotta go!”

    In the 1960s, 70s and 80s, this would’ve never happened. Wale is a special artist. He’s highly entertaining and is an exemplary wordsmith. If he were signed to say, Motown, he would’ve been schooled in all aspects of artist development and would know how to comport himself like a gentleman of grace and honor. The death of artist development on record labels is another column for another day. But for a guy who runs around and throws his diamond in the sky more than Kanye West did almost a decade ago, maybe Wale should take a cue from the general of the Roc Nation team and shut up and embrace any fans he can find in his hometown. Yes, I know. It’s hip hop. The very nature of the genre is couched entirely in homophobia. Wale’s struggling. Identifying with the gay community certainly won’t help him appeal to the hip hop masses. But hell. It’s also 2010, AND, the hip hop masses didn’t exactly shut iTunes down for the day buying his debut. Wale himself often mentions how hard of a sell he is because he appeals to such a wide spectrum of fans. Maybe it’s time for Wale to realize he’s not going to be Rakim. He’s not going to be Will Smith, either, but maybe a happy medium. Playing a gay pride event? Not the worst idea ever. Even if not the case, it shows him to be forward thinking individual, and possibly someone worthy of mainstream acceptance.

    DC’s on fire. Say what you will, but Barack Obama’s election made the Capital City extremely sexy. The New York Times can’t stop ranting and raving about us, the Real World was just here, and people worldwide are starting to take note of DC for more than being the city where the guy smoked crack and got his job back. The U Street Music Hall though smaller provides comparable entertainment options to Pacha, Fabric, Body English or any other top international club spot in the universe. Restaurants and commercial development are on the rise as spots like Nando’s Peri Peri and Ping Pong Dim Sum, which would have NEVER considered DC real estate, are now entrenching themselves in the “capital of the free world.” The Washington Wizards won the NBA Draft Lottery, and the already filled to the brim Verizon Center for the wildly successful Washington Capitals hockey franchise looks to be full for 40 more nights in the winter as well. On a governmental note, though somewhat controversial, mayor Adrian Fenty has spearheaded the passing of gay marriage legislation as well as attempting to make medicinal marijuana a possibility. A rapper with mainstream potential who won’t rap in front of gay people because he doesn’t want NahRight.com or The Smoking Section blog commenters to make jokes? That just doesn’t fit here anymore. We’re off that. On to the next one, and it damned sure isn’t Wale.

    In final, I wish he would’ve said this and immediately been punched in the face by a gay male, akin to Charles Hamilton’s career getting floored after he insinuated he impregnated his ex-girlfriend. At least that would’ve had an element of humor and would’ve eased the sting of this revelation. When blatant ignorance goes without comeuppance, it’s truly a sad day. However, I can’t front. I love me some Wale tracks. “Sweatin’ Out Weaves” with UCB, “Pretty Girls,” “Chillin’ (namely Skratch Bastid’s edit) and “My Sweetie” will always get spins. But this guy just can’t share my air anymore. I apologize if he listens to my advice and fills yours, but hopefully by then he’d have learned a lesson and shuts up and tries to gain a fanbase. I don’t care if you spit rhymes like Papoose and have the mainstream appeal of Drake. If you’re signed to a major label and don’t exercise a modicum of self control and media savvy, you’re kinda worthless to me. Tabi, Diamond District, the spotlight’s on you. No fumbles. All touchdowns. The city needs you now more than ever. Shameful.

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Alexandre Herchcovitch Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection

Tue, Jun 8 2010 | 

Brazilian fashion designer Alexandre Herchcovitch isn’t making fashion for men on earth, this Autumn/Winter 2010 collection is exclusively for space age thinking men.

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    Rika Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection

    Tue, Jun 8 2010 | 
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    Hellz Bellz Summer 2010 Collection Is “To Dye For”

    Wed, Jun 2 2010 | 
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    Hot Item: A Bathing Ape Canvas Backpack

    Wed, Jun 2 2010 | 
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    A-Hallucination Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection

    Mon, May 31 2010 |
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    Hot Item: Chewed by Tuesday Penlid Necklace

    Thu, May 27 2010 | 

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Lady Gaga – Alejandro (Video)

Tue, Jun 8 2010 |

Lady Gaga does it again. The pop singer took to her website to premiere the Steven Klein directed video for her latest single “Alejandro.” Like “Telephone,” “Alejandro” is an epic tour-de-force.

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    Lauryn Hill – Khulami Phase

    Tue, Jun 8 2010 | 
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    Our Favorite 12 Albums of 2010–So Far

    Mon, Jun 7 2010 | 
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    Beyonce vs Rihanna (Mixtape)

    Mon, Jun 7 2010 |
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    Nemo – Memories (Video + MP3)

    Mon, Jun 7 2010 |
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    How To Destroy Angels – How To Destroy Angels

    Mon, Jun 7 2010 | 

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Zach Johnsen And Mhak Opening in Portland, OR

Mon, Jun 7 2010 | 

Artist and creator of Zenviornments Zach Johnsen teamed with Mhak for an upcoming show at Compound Gallery in Portland, OR. Check out images from the show.

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    Teedra Moses at Singersroom in Atlanta, GA

    Mon, May 31 2010 | 
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    Matt W. Moore’s “Geometry Grandiose” Opening in Portland

    Tue, May 25 2010 |
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    Growing at The Earl in Atlanta

    Mon, May 17 2010 |
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    Shades & Babes in Atlanta, GA

    Mon, May 10 2010 |
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    “Noise Porn” Concert In Atlanta

    Mon, Apr 26 2010 |

  • The most anticipated show of the Spring season has finally come and gone like most great things do. Noise Porn debut last Thursday at Studio 1-5-0 off of Marietta St. in Atlanta, GA.

    Art Nouveau Magazine & GreatEclectic Present “Noise Porn”

    Tue, Feb 16 2010 | Published in Music |By: Art Nouveau Magazine


Noise Pornis a 16-track music compilation featuring a slew of indie artists hand-selected and directed by Art Nouveau Magazine Editor in Chief Kendrick Daye aka GreatEclectic. The compilation features appearances by Rahbi, M.E.R.C. of Kumi Hues, Corinne Stevie, Koohl Cardi, Carmine, theDOLLDAZE, KJ, Ze!, Roz Bell, Nemo, Ben Carson, Mr. Brown, Al K!ng, Zamir Green, Guy Anthony, Naira, Sye Spence, Troy Haynes, Antonio Stapleton & Jessie Davis. Listen and download the full thing below.

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Tirana: The Brightest City In The World

Mon, May 31 2010 | 

If photographer Tal Bright is correct, Tirana, Albania is the brightest city in the world. “You basically see colors everywhere [...]

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    Miami Graffiti Artists Give L.A. Some Love

    Mon, Apr 26 2010 | 
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    Graffiti Mural In Kiel, Germany

    Mon, Apr 19 2010 | 
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    Mural by Unknown Artist In NYC

    Mon, Apr 5 2010 | 
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    Kurt Weener’s Illusionistic Street Paintings in Rome

    Wed, Mar 31 2010 | 
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    Guztok Murals in Chile

    Mon, Mar 29 2010 | 




It’s officially spring. The birds are chirping. Pimps and players are flirting. And the girls? Well depending on who you ask, they run the world. It wouldn’t be spring without a tribute to the girls, girls, girls.

Flavio Melchiorre’s “Hypnotic Dream” Series


Artist/designer Flavio Melchiorre recently sent me his latest series of work entitled his “Hypnotic Dreams” series. This personal project is his continuing exploration of modular abstractions. Take a closer look at the series below.


Your Favorite Dead Artists Are Alive On Twitter


Twitter is an interesting place. It’s not as messy as the comment section of YouTube. But not by much. I mean there was a profile created for Osama Bin Laden, Obama Bin Laden if you’re Fox News, literally minutes after the announcement of his “death.” Here’s looking at some of our favorite dead visual artists whose voices echoes through Twitter.


Beth Ditto Is Why You Don’t Teach Girls How To Read Or Write




Beth Ditto is why you don’t teach girls how to read or write – because they rhythmically hold it against you when you lie about who you were with last night.

You break it off, I’ll break you down
The world is full of good intentions
Paradise is full of lies
Tell you they love you but fail to mention
Who they were with again last night


Triangle Love: The Collage Work Of Anthony Zinonos


Anthony Zinonos is a collage artist and self-professed paper collector originally born in south africa. Now living in norwich, UK, Anthony has a degree in printmaking and photomedia from the Norwich School of art and design and is a member of the Wafa collective. According the artist, “he is addicted to collecting paper and loves coffee and rollershoes.” This is apparent in his collages which are snap shots, never heavy on design elements, but oozing in deep thought. His work is so bare it’s almost minimalism. Take a closer look at Anthony’s work below.


A Tale Of Two Princes



Why You Don’t Own Anything You Create Anymore


Kiss Me On My Lips


‘Kiss Me On My Lips’
- Blaqstarr



Joka’s Unbelievable Toothpick Paintings


Humor is the crux of Joka‘s work. So it’s no wonder the Philadelphia based artist’s toothpick paintings having me laughing as hard as I’m in awe. It’s not that they’re funny. In some sense, it’s disconcerting to the sane eye. It’s not really the subject matter, it’s his process, a term he coined called hyperpointillism. He works entirely with toothpicks. Wow.


Southern Escapades: Noot D’ Noot Knows That Feelin’


Atlanta jam and funk band Noot D’ Noot has just released a new mixtape entitled Time Release. This mixtape features some mixes of some of their already established songs such as “Know That Feeling” and “The Occasion.” The mixtape also features a track with Atlanta Hip-Hop artists Muffy and Grip Plyaz called “Retail Girls” and also a track created from a freestyle live performance at one of their shows called “Wanton One.”


When Great Stars Make Like Houdini, and Disappear



The Lil’ B Effect

I was still in high school when the band Chester French’s two buzz stirring singles, “Jimmy Choos” and “She Loves Everybody” were released. Super producer, Pharrell cosigned them, so of course they had to be amazing. All I knew was that a bidding war, record labels and Pharrell Williams were involved, so I obliged, listened and I loved it. The band was a mixture of rock and pop, and the lyrics and the moods that they evoked gave me saturday night fevers. They were The Beatles condensed into two, and the Bee Gees without the annoying anti-puberty sound. I knew all the words by heart, and because of Chester French and the hotness that they exuded I added white chocolate as my new favorite treat.


The Psychedelic Painter That Wasn’t On Psychedelics


I discovered Mati Klarwein’s work 3 years ago while I was surfin’ the interwebs lookin for visual inspiration.I felt like I struck gold when i discovered his beautiful paintings. I decided to finally make a post about him because I’ve been noticing a lot of people posting his images on tumblrs and fbook but i don’t think they have a clue as to who the artist is.

Let’s Get Contemporary: “Amusa Bouche” at Rouge58 Gallery


“Amusa Bouche” is bringing a taste of Montreal to Brooklyn, New York. “Amusa Bouche” which is a collection of contemporary and visual artists from Montreal will be showcasing their work at the ROUGE58 gallery in Brooklyn, New York.. The exhibition will feature work from Montreal based artists Tim Bernard, JP King, Alan Ganev, and Nathan Brown.


Va$htie To Host “Creative Curating” Fashion Show June 23 In Atlanta


At 12thDisciples, we’re always looking for an excuse to party. What better excuse than bringing “Downtown’s Sweetheart” Va$htie Kola to the Electric Avenue that we affectionately call Atlanta to host our “Creative Curating” fashion show?